brandon 15th birthday yard sign burke va

Ready To Order Your Yard Sign?

Did you check the Our Policies page first?  Yes? 

Okay then- let’s do this!

All yard cards start at $95 for a 12 to 24-hour rental.

No-Guilt Yard Cards Pricing

Deluxe birthday yard cards start at $95

Premium birthday yard cards start at $125

Big celebration & Congrats! yard signs start at $125

Graduation yard signs start at $145. Please see more about Grad yard signs here.

Flamingo flocking starts at $75 (see this page for more details) PLEASE NOTE: The Flock will be unavailable from May 20, 2021 to June 20, 2021. We’re happy to accommodate flockings before or after these dates. 

Additional nights start at $50

Add a floodlight to make sure your sign is visible all night long for $20 per night

*Please see the photo gallery page for examples of each.*

Travel Fees

Travel fees outside the immediate area may apply. We’ll bring the party to you- it just might cost a little more! Fees range from $15 to $75.
Please contact us for rates.

Please fill out the Order Form Here or email us at